Rideshare with Live Rides

Find & Offer Rideshares and Carpools in Canada.

Regular Commutes

Go to work or school with people whose schedules fit yours.

Instant Rides

Instant is the quickest way to find someone going your way on-the-go, in real-time.

Pre-Planned Rides

Pre-planned rides are great for finding friendly people to ride with for any kind of long-distance travel.

Trust & Safety

Live Rides provides peace of mind by providing account verifications, peer reviews and full user profile pages.

Full Control Over Drivers and Passengers

Choose who you travel with: you're always in control to accept or decline any driver or passenger.

A Friendly Community

Live Rides makes rides more enjoyable by matching people based on mutual friends and interests.

Door-to-Door Enabled

Drivers can either offer door-to-door rides to passengers or ask them to meet them on their way.

Worry-Free Transactions

Live Rides automates all pricing and transactions by providing fast and secure payments from passengers to drivers.